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  • happy franchisee 1
    “After working in this industry for more than 10 years as a successful Swisher Hygiene franchisee, I am even more excited about the improved business model and economic potential of my new Enviro-Master franchise.”
    Andrew Martin, Orlando, FL Franchisee
  • happy franchisee 2
    “Even in a depressed market like Detroit, my Enviro-Master franchise is growing rapidly. It offers the unlimited growth and on-going support which I was unable to find in my previous insurance business. Additionally, the upside potential on a modest investment is really exciting.”
    Ketura Brandes, Detroit, MI Franchisee
  • happy franchisee 3
    “I purchased an Enviro-Master Franchise based upon its modest investment requirements and significant residual income potential.”
    Pete Jannetta - former Investment Banker, Wharton MBA
  • happy franchisee 4
    “Having owned and operated a multi-million dollar hygiene franchise for Swisher Hygiene, some might wonder why I chose to purchase another hygiene franchise from Enviro-Master. First, Enviro-Master's management team has over 50 years of experience in this niche industry, which means their franchise support and operating systems are cutting-edge. Second, the networking and referrals among Enviro-Master franchisees allows us to service national customers. Third, and most importantly, I enjoy working with the current hygiene industry leader, and being part of something which is much bigger than my individual franchise business.” Alex Arriaga, Houston Enviro-Master Franchise
  • happy franchisee 5
    “Following a year as V.P. Business Development for Enviro-Master Charlotte, I decided to invest my time and money to purchase an Enviro-Master franchise. Our early sales have been phenomenal and I am excited about our future.”
    Cole Sims, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC Franchisee



Comprehensive Training in Best Industry Practices
Your franchise investment begins with two weeks of intensive training at Enviro-Master headquarters in Charlotte, NC prior to your grand opening. We provide a comprehensive training program, which encompasses all aspects of successfully operating your business at the highest level! Our executive team, possessing over 50 years of Hygiene industry and franchising experience, will show you how to implement proven service systems and practices and dramatically reduce the learning curve in your start-up business. We provide all the training your business needs at no additional cost. When training is complete, you will truly understand that you have a long-term partner whose mission is to ensure your success.

Sales Training and Support to Maximize Your Earnings
Enviro-Master’s experienced professionals will assist you in implementing the most effective sales methods in your market. Additionally we will assist you in developing and training your sales staff. We are here to jump-start and accelerate your sales growth from hiring sales personnel, to training and managing them as needed. Our on-going sales support is here to grow your revenues for the life of your business. Finally, our telemarketing staff has been trained over decades to generate appointments for sales personnel, increasing their closing rate dramatically. We offer this telemarketing service to you, our franchisee, in order to make appointments for your sales personnel and drive your daily revenues.

Operational Support to Monitor Your Systems and Continually Identify Best Services and Products
With our five decades of Hygiene industry experience, we monitor your operational systems and procedures to ensure their proper use and maximum efficiency. We also provide you with a menu of services and products which sell best and provide the greatest profit margins. When new products/services are introduced, we immediately share them with you. Our executive team has mentored and supported countless successful franchisees, and we’re here to do the same for you!

Leveraging Today’s Technologies to Optimize Efficiency
Enviro-Master will teach you how to leverage cutting-edge technology, enabling sales personnel and technicians to utilize handheld devices both to enhance sales presentations, as well as to capture customer signatures and generate invoices. Additionally, we’ll train you in the use of mapping software to most efficiently route your service technicians and even sales personnel, when performing customer quality control. These technologies drastically reduce wasted “drive-time” in the field, enhance sales presentations, eliminate volumes of paperwork, expand the area which a finite staff can service, and drive your revenues.

Web Site and Intranet Advantages
As an Enviro-Master Franchisee, you can refer your prospects and customers to our world-class web site which provides you with the professional image that you need in your community. Our videos, photos and text content demonstrate the many advantages of working with an Enviro-Master franchisee and will assist you in selling your products and services. Finally, we provide each franchisee with its own secure log-in such that you can access your business specific data and even chat with other Enviro-Master franchisees to share experiences, what’s working best in your community and support one another as you move through the stages of your business growth.

Ongoing Administrative Assistance Driving Down Costs
Enviro-Master understands that generating invoices, monthly statements, and chasing collections is a laborious and time consuming process which diminishes your time to generate sales and revenues. With our unique Administrative Support Team, we assume all of the back-office duties from day one. We save you money, by reducing the size of your needed staff, and assist you in earning more money, by dramatically increasing your time to sell customers and service your existing base. Best of all, our fees for administrative support are a fraction of what you would pay to manage these functions in your home office!

Huge Savings for Equipment & Supplies
Computers, software, cleaning equipment, materials, and supplies to start your franchise are included in the initial investment. Long-term, perhaps more importantly, Enviro-Master provides you with ongoing products and supplies at significant discounts due to its high volume of purchases and national vendor relationships. You can begin your business immediately after training, leverage our support and discounted offerings and move your business rapidly toward success!

On-going Training & Support
As you grow your business, our specialized training courses and other Enviro-Master training resources will continue to provide educational opportunities which will increase your management and business skills and further grow your profits.

A Long-Term Solid Business
The Hygiene industry is one of those unique businesses which will never become outdated! While technology advances daily, Enviro-Master will carefully review and test those applicable technologies which may enhance your profits and margins. Enviro-Master’s proven Hygiene services model is time-tested and recession-resistant and will position you for success so long as you desire to work the business. Our executive team has been coaching successful franchisees for a combined 50 plus years, and your business will stand on a foundation built to sustain long-term growth. At Enviro-Master, while you may be in business for yourself, you are not in business by yourself.

Large and Exclusive Franchise Territories
Many franchisors will franchise multiple business owners within the same city. Enviro-Master grants only one franchise in most metro areas. As an Enviro-Master franchise owner, you will own a large territory with exclusive rights to the Enviro-Master system and brand. That’s why we carefully screen our prospects to ensure that they are the right fit for our business model. Your success is our success, and we do all within our control to ensure your success. Once you receive your exclusive franchise, you will know that no other Enviro-Master franchisee will exist in your territory, so long as you continue operating your franchise. We’re committed to you, for the long-term.

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Call us at (855) PRO-HYGIENE with your questions, do your own research, and take a close look at Enviro-Master Services. You will find our system to be the finest in the Hygiene service industry. We don’t believe you’ll find any similarly priced franchise which offers close to the earnings potential offered by an Enviro-Master franchise!

If interested in a franchise, the moment you submit a contact form, or call us with pertinent contact data, we will actually reserve your territory during our franchisee qualification process. Once a franchise is awarded in your territory, that territory is gone forever!

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